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Race Card

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Is it coz I is black?

Race Card is both a game played by cultural elites and an actual card that is carried on the person in order to enable rapid use.

According to white people, the Race Card is a foolproof way for ethnic minorities to get away with anything. It is a well known fact that EVERY time whitey has an issue with anyone non-Caucasian, it is due to racism, and nothing else.

However, according to the very same ethnic minorities, the Race Card is a tactic used by white folks to get away with being racist by crying about "reverse racism" and "discrimination against whites by black people going unpunished" until everyone gets sick of them crying and drops the subject.

Like all the best games, there is merit in both arguments.

How To Play

When a representative of an ethnic minority is accused of something, or just wants some attention, he or she will play the race card, which basically means declaring their enemy a racist without any shred of proof or evidence whatsoever that there is racism involved. The Wheels of Justice then turn and innocent people get sacked/posted/demoted etc.

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