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A small, but select, trade group in the British Army. It's worth mentioning that the men are all ruggedly handsome and the women beautiful.

We deal with all things imaging, Plain X-rays, Fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, and Ultrasound.

On Operations the radiographers can normally be found near the labs, in a darkened tent. On approaching a radiographer in their natural enviroment they will mutter something arcane about radiation protection and attempt to resist being removed from their 'home'.

In the UK a radiographer will be found in an MDHU and may be the only uniformed member of the X-ray department, most usually this will cause a look of permanent confusion as they try to work out a method in the NHS madness.

Don't usually tend to mix with other hospital staff and when they do, they are described as 'incredibly dull'.Unfairly so,as they usually have a well-honed sense of humour and a devastating ability to recognise anatomy in the dark!