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Dassault Rafale
Type Multi-Role Fighter
Manufacturer Dassault
Status Active
Production Total 295
Length 15.3m
Wingspan 10.9m
Height 5.34m
Max Speed 1,320mph
Max Range 1,150miles
Service Ceiling 65,650ft
Built in Armament 1 x 30mm cannon

The Dassault Rafale, when released into operational service in the late 1990's, was the pinnacle of French aviation engineering. The system incorporated the latest in fly-by-wire technology, composite materials and aerodynamic design to compliment the broad array of roles required of any fighter in any military force.

Mission-specific armament with a maximum load of 13,00kbs on fourteen external hardpoints may include:

  • 8 x Matra Mica air to air missiles
  • ASMP nuclear stand-off missile
  • AM-39 Exocet anti-ship missiles
  • AS 30L laser-guided Air to Surface missiles
  • APACHE stand-off munitions dispensers
  • Laser-Guided Bombs
  • Anti-Armour Munitions
  • Anti-Runway Munitions
  • Rocket Pods

As it stands, the Rafale will see service with the frog eating forces for years to come.