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Vile greasy rodent

Large Rodent common throughout the world.

Inflicted Plague (Black Death) via infected fleas throughout the dark ages and medieval period.

Always first to leave a sinking ship ... right after the politicians.

Pretty smart for a rodent in that it learned a long time ago that mankind is wasteful and worth hanging around for the scraps. At one time (up till New Labour took over) you were never further than 15m from a rat. In the last couple of years (due to fiddling Council funding and the resulting waste collection cut backs) ... you are never more than 13m from a rat and there are now more rats than humans in the UK (even counting chavs as humans ... yes I know its a stretch).

Can be made into a variety of tasty dishes ... assuming you live in a trench or are under siege .... and tasty is a bit of a stretch as well even with Tabasco.