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Red or Dead
Posts Lots
Grin.png This user is addicted to Chat

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Rear Party.
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A big bundle of soft pink FLUFFINESS, much feared by most RP users as when not in fluffy mode has a tongue that can split coconuts with one slash!!!

Gained notoriety after sparking a police murder hunt when cleaners found enough blood to resuscitate most of Essex sprayed around a hotel bedroom, following an inter-menstrual love fest wth an unknown,but quite possibly permanently scarred, gentleman

Despite vigorous and frequent protests over her supposedly undeserved HARRIDAN reputation, these protests are seen as about as believable as a Labour promise.

Frequently a partner in crime of Blessed Baby Cakes (who is the supposed 'Good' MOD on RP, Red is the Evil RP MOD), although many suspect Beebs is simply her appointed care in the community officer as Red Or Dead is often seen wandering around the RP website muttering to herself.

Further signs of mental degradation can be evidenced by the fact that Red refuses under any circumstances to admit that she may be wrong, despite everything else pointing to the contrary. Threats of evisceration and homocide quickly follow if pressed further on these issues.