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Red Army

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"Quantity has a quality all of it's own"

The Russian Army. Lots and lots and lots and lots of smelly men in cheap, mass produced yet effective tanks, BMPs and carrying cheap but effective rifles. The idea being that if you throw enough untrained conscripts at an objective eventually it will be taken.

Russian conscripts were able to find alcohol almost anywhere even when trapped on bases that were totally dry. As a result they were permanently smashed. A known trick was to smear issue boot polish onto bread and leave for an hour. All alcohol in the bootpolish would soak into the bread. You then scrapped off the boot polish and ate the bread... and hey presto - instant blindness.

Training: Training budgets/fuel/ammunition were in somewhat short supply by the late eighties. Allegedly ... to get round this problem enterprising junior officers used their entire budgets to train up a couple of men to a high standard in a specific area. When senior officers came for an inspection for (say) BMP driving ... the highly trained bod was hidden in the BMP while the rest of the platoon was paraded before the brass. No matter which bod was picked by the brass to showcase his skills, the hidden man did the driving. This approach can also be extended to smallarms (hidden sniper lending 'fire support'), tank gunnery ('loader' takes the shot) etc etc etc.

Much can be said on the dubious tactics, techniques and motivational strategies the Russkies invented to further this doctrine... Maybe some other time

The full correct name was Raboche-Krestyanskaya Krasnaya Armiya, the Worker's And Peasant's Red Army. The name was changed to Soviet Army in 1946.

Old Jokes No. 563.

Red Army General talking to a Spam General

"In glorious Red Army, each soldier gets ration of 1,900 calories per day"

"In the US Army (hooah!), each soldier gets a ration of 3,600 calories per day"

"Lies! No-one could eat that many turnips"

External Link

Channel 4 documentary from 2001 on the successor to the Red Army. 74mins. Interesting viewing for those unhappy with their lot in the British Army.