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Red Dwarf

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A comedy programme about the crew of a mining corporation ship, set in the future. A human (Dave Lister) is imprisoned in a stasis chamber for sneaking a cat on board. The crew is then wiped out by a freak accident. The ship continues on it's original course for three Million years until the radiation level has decreased enough to allow Lister to be released. In this time, his cat has mutated into a humanoid, he becomes the last remaining bloke in the human race and the ship's computer (Holly) goes mad. The ship is capable of creating a hologram of a former shipmate, which happens to be Lister's old boss (Rimmer).

Their adventures last over seven series where they pick up an android, lose the ship, re-find the ship and other wacky stuff. Low budget cheese, but funny none the less.

The more amusing thing in this is working out which officer Lister reminds you of!!

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