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Retention Positive Training

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According to The_Duke

1. Make it as demanding as possible, stepping away from the easy option whenever you can. The hardest exercises are the ones people remember the most. Soldiers are giving up valuable time with their family and friends - they do not want to spend it in the TA centre or some crap NAAFI somewhere.

2. Valuable training can be achieved (and MATTs qualified) in unusual ways. Two days of hard NAVEX around Brecon easily qualifies for the Nav MATT, but also teaches soldiers to navigate properly rather than in a classroom. It also provides good physical training, leadership of small groups, basic fieldcraft skills and a good opportunity to get to know people within a small group. Easy to organise + low admin requirement = high reward.

3. Push soldiers beyond their rank. Juniors giving lessons may not always be DIT perfect, but if they have the knowledge why not? Get people to 'act up' whenever possible. It demonstrates trust in them, and gives them a chance to improve.

4. Try and vary the training as much as possible, but the emphasis MUST be on core skills not jollies. If time gets tight, sack the jolly and invest everything into a demanding, well run exercise.

5. Commanders must be seen to be training with their soldiers. If the OC/CSM or equivalent are not on the CFT, night TAB, exercise etc. then credibility is lost. The impression is 'If they can't be bothered, why should I?'.

According to Mr_Tracey

1. Exercised at weekends with twinned regular units?

2. Exercises/training using regular kit/facilities?

3. Regular Units coming in to do training/presentations on drill nights?

4. Unit concentrations at weekends - critical mass etc

5. Battlefield Tours

6. Visits to interesting establishments (Military and Civil)

7. Organised TA sporting events (we used to!)

8. OTX's? what happened to them?

9. Some FUN! - all work makes Jack a very dull boy.....