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Richard III

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"Now is the winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this sun of York" - "Hmm, is that supposed to be a joke Will?"

One View

A driven and ambitious man; a skilled politician who, despite possibly suffering from physical disabilities, stepped into the power vacuums occurring at a time when England was struggling to emerge from great turmoil. Without his attempts to steady the ship of state even greater anarchy could have prevailed. He could well be said to have felt that leaving England in the hands of either a 12-year-old boy or his 9-year-old brother was a suicidal prospect for the country and he stepped in solely to protect the nation and not to further his own personal interests. In doing so, he placed the two princes in protective custody in the safest fortress in the land. Ultimately, when even his expert politicking could not reconcile the resultant dichotomy of his personal sovereignty with the continued presence of the two princes with an alternative claim, his hand was forced and the situation was quietly resolved by third parties.

After further attempts to curtail the power and influence of the barons, a Welsh usurper Henry Tudor backed by the same barons, invaded from France and took the throne from him by force, tragically leaving him to be the last English monarch to die in battle.

His reputation suffered terribly from spin in the Elizabethan era in an attempt to justify the reign of the usuper's granddaughter.

Another View

A megalomaniac, Raspberry Ripple mentalist with a burning desire to be King - even to the extent of murdering his brother and his two nephews, marrying the widow of his former enemy against her will and framing his other brother for treason.

Cockney rhyming slang for turd.