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Royal Navy Commandos

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Royal Navy Commandos

Royal Navy Commandos are specialist naval ratings, NCOs and officers that complete the All Arms Commando Course at CTCRM Lympstone.

They augment Royal Marines specialists in specific roles within 3 Commando Brigade. They wear the green beret with RN capbadges and 'Royal Navy Commando' rockers along with the the 3 Brigade TRF.

Royal Navy Commandos are fairly rare creatures. Most matelots who do the course are usually medics or Female Engagement Teams (FETs).

They usually join the RN and train as a sailor in their trade, usually a Medical Assistant in the Ratings/Other Rank world or as a Training Management Officer (commissioned), although there are a variety of other trades that can undergo All Arms Commando Course (AACC) at Lympstone to become an RN Commando (including Doctor & Padre!). All Commandos are employed within 3 Commando brigade.

Literally, non bootneck Commando trained ranks, have successfully completed the All Arms Commando Course. They are typically support groups and are an essential part of the Commando Organisation. The AACC is for trained military ranks only and is not open to new recruits into the armed forces.

Quite often, the training teams are shocked at the big difference in standards when some of these people start their AACC training. i.e. The big gap between the high level of training and personal standards produced by bootnecks and other militray personnel.