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The largest American firearms manufacturer at present (2007), started up in 1949 and known as Sturm, Ruger & Company .

Bill Ruger entered his P85 handgun into competition with the Beretta 92 and the Sig Sauer P226 for the US Army 9 mm pistol trials in the 1980s. He reportedly thinks that he was robbed. Having, however, fired a P85, I can report that it feels like it was produced from die cast alloy of a quality that would shame Matchbox, and is clunkier than a clunky thing. The fact that it isn't produced of die cast alloy makes the shame even greater. This author, who is most certainly a competent handgun shot, found the ergonomics, trigger, and sights so terrible that not all his shots connected with a man sized target at 15 m (when he can usually keep all his shots in the black of a precision target at 25 m).

Onto happier things... the Ruger 10/22 is a marvellous bit of design let down by shoddy manufacturing and a few bizarre design decisions, and makes a brilliant rifle once almost every part has been replaced for an aftermarket one, and the Ruger Mini-14 in 5.56 NATO is such a marvellous little rifle that it has been declared "the world's most expensive plinker". it is, however, largely useless in its standard form beyond about 200 yards (and that's being generous) because of excessive barrel vibrations which cause reduced accuracy. The heavy barrel versions, however, shoot about as accurately as it is possible to make a semiautomatic rifle shoot.