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Ancient, tiny little county, part of Leicestershire between 1974 and 1997. They managed to break away, despite claims from their former overlords that "Rutland has been an indivisible part of the cultural heritage of Leicestershire since 1389" and "We will fight to the death to defend it".

The gallant Peoples' Front of Rutland (not to be confused with the Popular Front of Rutland) led a short, sharp, fierce guerilla war to reclaim the lands of their birthright and now an independent Glorious Rutland marches proudly among its fellows in the league of British counties.

Leicestershire has, for the time being, conceded the de facto independence of Rutland (or Las Rutlas as they refer to it) but have not formally rescinded their territorial claim. Expect an invasion soon, especially if Leicestershire County Council's ruling junta decides it needs a temporary boost to its popularity.

Recent claims made by them in certain Leicestershire-based local newspapers that "We're glad to be rid of it" and "It's a miniscule little dump" are taken by most objective observers as a mixture of propaganda and sour grapes.


Really amazingly small and wee. Like, think of a really small place. Then halve it. Then think of a corner of that and you've just about got Rutland.


Generally flat. Especially those parts that are underwater following Leicestershire's attempt to use flooding as a method of controlling the revolting natives.


Former home to Rutland Weekend Television.


According to Wikipedia [1], Oakham Castle has a horseshoe collection. Don't all rush at once.


Just 38,400. The Peoples' Front of Rutland's claim to a membership of 645,000 is therefore somewhat suspect even allowing for ex-pats/escapees.

Despite its proximity to Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Peatboghorror, Rutland is surprisingly low on inbred mutants. That's only relative to its neighbours of course.

Military Bases

RAF Cottesmore

St George's Barracks

Arrsers born there

Stoatman (early 80's) Err, that's probably it...