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The original NAAFI now turned into a fucking racketeering outfit by the Dutch SPAR Group (worth 33 Billion Euros so maybe we can fuck them back over BREXIT), that runs the franchise and charges a fortune for everything, whilst contributing to obesity in the forces by selling all kinds of sweets, chocolate and unhealthy crap to fat-arsed individuals, and serving "Rustlers" and shitty "Roll-over" hot dogs to any retard with the funds.

Once upon a time, when life was shitty and grey, we had otudoor toilets and Hot water was considered a "luxury", and Rationing was something the public understood and remembered the NAAFI was relevant. These days, it's as significant as Kodak Film camera's or Virtual Reality headsets.

Government Policy

Unfortunately, the "Save-as-you-starve" aka "Pay-as-you-dine" scheme, contributed to the profit margin of Both SPAR and SODEXO (another European amateur outfit, based out of the EU-surrender-monkey-enclave of France that we could also shaft with BREXIT; Are you seeing the theme?)"Woohoo for capitalism". Put all complaints into JPA under the MOD tab of "Zero-fucks-given".

Word on the street is that the RAF is to be outsourced to Easy-Jet, which might make a pleasant change as most Army and Navy personnel might now have a fighting chance of making it home within 24hrs of the end of a Tour of duty...We can but hope.