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Police.gif This article contains satire.
Stop sulking and try improving it.

Satire is funny stuff. Satire is a cornerstone of both ARRSE and its Wiki sibling. Satire is where real-life situations are made more extreme to cast social comment on the events that we cannot quite believe are happening.

An example of satire would be making out the Labour Party - the party of 'the working man' - to be a corrupt, money-fixated, incompetent, petty, Stalinistic bunch of control freaks; dedicated to ruining the Armed Forces and health care and forcing the tax paying working man into penury and premature death - in a futile and desperate bid to prove that they know how to govern a country (rather than the whelk stall they should be running) at the same time as handing unearned billions to foreign and domestic wasters, terrorists and criminals. [I beg your pardon ... I seem to have typed out an entry on reality by mistake.]

The Dangers of Satire

The line satire walks is fraught with danger lest you be accused of being that which you are parodying. When our resident Simon Wiesenthal writes a scathing article about the BNP, a satirical article under the title nigger (a great parody of the style of the far Right and rednecks everywhere) it generates a huge protest - but nothing is said about an article (in very similar vein) about Jews. Thus the bigotry may lie with the complainer not the satire. It should be noted we also have satirical treatment of religion, let alone what we've said about the French! ... but then this is all about Political Correctness ... not reality.

Popular Satire

The country's favourite satirical publication is Private Eye and the favourite comedian with a satirical bent is Rory Bremner.

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