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Scottish Transport Regiment RLC(V)

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The Scottish Transport Regiment was formed in 1993 from the amalgamation of 153 (Highland) Transport Regiment RCT(V) and 154 (Lowland) Transport Regiment RCT(V). The unit retains its Tartan the Red McDuff as a backing to the RLC cap badge when worn with the beret. In 1999 125 Ration Squadron was absorbed within the Regiment.

The drinking club consists of the following Squadrons:

  • 527 HQ Sqn
  • 221 Tpt Sqn
  • 230 Tpt Sqn
  • 231 Tpt Sqn
  • 251 (Ayrshire) Tpt Sqn
  • 125 (Glasgow) Rat Sqn
  • REME Workshops

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