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Senior Service

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Proper coffin nails.

The Senior Service is a nickname of the Royal Navy and the title of an Elvis Costello song...we hope there's no relation between the two...

"Senior service,

Junior dissatisfaction, It's a breath you took too late,

It's a death that's worse than fate,

Senior service,

Junior dissatisfaction

Though it may be second hand,

It's by no means second rate." -Elvis Costello, Senior Service.

Senior Service is also the name of a song by Steeleye Span, from their album Sails of Silver ...

"Sally's in the alley and Nancy's on the game

Emily is pregnant and wondering who to blame

We raise our port and lemon and toast a reply

That the Senior Service satisfy !"

Also a truly eye-watering cigarette brand - for those who tire of Marlboros and are looking for some real bite.

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