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Site Penis of the Year

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 There have been some absolutely top notch quality belters over the past year! Some continuing their humungous dickheadness from previous year(s). I think it's going to be a photo finish amongst about 10 of them by my counting. - User exbluejob, Nov.2019.

A fairly new award to ARRSE, this annual competition crowns the site's champion dickhead, and the site's unfunny spastics are proud to be chosen. In the run up to the New Year, the good people of ARRSE vote on which poster will be the lucky recipient of the "Site Penis of the Year" (SPOTY) award for the past year. Surprisingly or not, the annual SPOTY Poll usually "starts bad, goes downhill from there and ends up with a battle of the Epsilons" (copyright The_Duke).

In the past, the winner by a wide margin has been Spider who, in his permanently deluded state, can't grasp the fact that he's a complete laughing stock. Yet during 2019, even bigger bell-ends were waiting in the wings:-


As you'd expect with any worthy winner of this award, the 2017 and 2018 champion reached such levels of bellthronkery, it comes as no surprise to learn he or she was also well known for getting ROPd (sanctioned). We refer of course, to the mong-button-flailing jobless mental Momentum freak, Baglock the multi-sock Supermong. However, even that mong couldn't compete with the 2019 retarded queen of look-at-me penistry. All is revealed in the thread "Spoty 2019 Final".

SPOTY Elections 2019

After a spectacularly cuntish year (even for him): ARRSE User Bravo-Bravo ran away with the title. The competition was revised in November 2019: "based on comments on the main SPOTY thread, nominations were opened up into groups, to be closed on a set date to get the nominations for the SPOTY Finals from 8th December 2019".

The top 3 in each group now go forward in the absence of further nominations or a third group (always possible on Arrse, considering all the belters coming out of the wood work. Polls were added to the voting, with a maximum of 10 nominations for each group. Info and convoluted rules were decided by dodgy slop-jockey Master of Ceremonies and chief shit-stirrer: ARRSE User joker62.

Conspicuous SPOTY Award

The deranged Supermong and SPOTY knob jockey for 2018 - Baglock - deployed unconvincing Sock Puppets almost immediately in every instance to carry on maintaining the high standards of zip-sniffing. From 2017, such dedication to scrotum tasting meant that this not-so-secret sock was also included in the line-up and amassed a huge percentage of the overall votes combined. The obnoxious little cunt suddenly flounced before the SPOTY 2019 competition, but isn't forgotten and can't escape.

Elevations to Supermong Status in 2020

Obviously, these stupid cunts will view this as an honour, but it is recommended that SPOTY champions should be elevated to ARRSE Supermong status, henceforth, forthwith and without further ado. Conspicous penistry, over twelve months, goes above and beyond the call of bellendery by any standards. Their fuckwittery shall never be forgotten.

Favourites on the Shortlist to become SPOTY 2019

A fair few retards emerged in 2019, though the obvious cunts most likely to win are nominated year after year. The 2019 SPOTY battle should be the best in living memory and Arrsers will be spoilt for choice. Based on track records and traditional selection criteria: the usual dullards, Sock Puppets and mongs most likely to win SPOTY are listed below:







Offendi / Drivers_lag / MombaWomba






Everybody's favourite Penis: ARRSE User Bravo_Bravo