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Nickname for the East Yorkshire Regiment (15th Foot - Duke Of York's Own).

At the Battle of Brandywine Creek during the American War Of Independence, the 15th were faced with a superior force and had run short of powder for their Brown Bess muskets. In a daring bluff, the best shots in the unit were given the bulk of the powder supplies. They fired full charges, taking a decisive toll of the enemy. The remainder fired blank shot with small priming charges (known to musketeers as "snapping" charges). The enemy broke off the engagement, thinking they were facing overwhelming firepower. The 15th were thereafter christened "The Snappers".

The East Yorkshire Regimental Journal was called "The Snapper" in honour of this tradition, which continued until the East Yorkshire Regt was amalgamated with the West Yorkshire Regt in April 1958, to form the Prince Of Wales's Own Regiment Of Yorkshire (PWO). The 1st Bn (1 PWO) was posted to Aden immediately after amalgamation.

Since then, of course, the British Army has changed shape yet again. The formation, on 6th June 2006, of The Yorkshire Regiment, saw 1 PWO redesignated as the 1st Battalion Yorkshire Regiment (1 YORKS).