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A type of post made on ARRSE where you can almost hear the gurgle of snot building up at the back of the throat, and see the glistening cheeks of the mortally wounded as tears of incoherent rage stream down the earnestly puckish face of a certain type of ARRSEr, as they labour away at their keyboards, straining to produce to convey that subtle touch that thousands of perfectly good words in English cannot.

Snuffleposters routinely take all posts deeply to heart and are often self-referential when responding to imagined or perceived slights in posts. Typically, their tear-stained outpourings incorporate selectively chosen quotes from offending previous posts, often coupled to more smileys conveying a sometimes incomprehensible state of mind. Never forget - a criticism of a post - however slight and reasonably expressed - means that you will get your arrse kicked in by the Snuffleposter for daring to challenge them in the high octane World of text based forums.

In any environment, snuffleposts are irritating. When delivered by war dodgers, it's just embarrassing. Go on Ops and gain some fucking perspective.