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Spam (Unwanted email)

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Probably the curse of the digital communication age. 95% of all email today is unwanted and unsolicited communication offering goods, services and cons. This is done by spammers using email address lists gathered from virus intrusion into people's address books.

Originally named after the Monty Python skit where the only thing on the menu of greasy spoon cafe was spam, spam and more spam... just like the contents of your email inbox!

Thus almost all email inboxes now groan under a deluge of unwanted email offering us larger penises, free porn, cheap drugs and untold wealth belonging to desperate Nigerian dictators.

Recently and fairly sinisterly, spam is now being received purporting to be from an assassin hired to slot your ass. However out of the kindness of his heart, he offers to spare your life if you hand over thousands of pounds or your bank account details. Failure to do so will mean he comes round and complete the contract. Dozens of SAS, Para's and Marines have replied ... mocking the size of his genitalia, his mother, his lack of knowledge of who his father was and his gender orientation. Assuming the spamming barsteward turns up to complete the hit, the first retaliatory strike against these cnuts cannot be far away.

A solution

The Blue Frog spam reporting system seems to be achieving rave reviews. It works by hitting spammers where it hurts - in their pockets!