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Squaddie Humour

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Squaddie Humour can fall into several categories (please add your favourites):

  • Painful: High amusement can be had if someone hurts themselves in an amusing manner ie falling off a tank.
  • Involving bodily fluids: Swamping yourself, crapping yourself, swamping someone else, crapping someone else are funny in increasing levels of amusement. See Grand_slam
  • Stealing something beloved by a rival regiment: Blagging a camp guardian, trophies, flag, Commanding officers wife's underwear etc. (Stealing from a spam is less humourous and more something out a squaddies job description)
  • Sexual activities of fellow squaddies usually with ladies at the extreme lower end of attactiveness. (also includes 3Para Mortars)
  • Taking the piss: out of others, if present; otherwise out of oneself...
  • Farting: With extra points for volume and ability to clear an OP/bunker/scrape.