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Star Wars

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Star Wars!!1!
Star Wars porn is usually a good deal worse than this...

Star Wars is a ridiculously large series of products created by George Lucas in the mid-70s. Regardless of your personal views, let's not forget or forgive the fact he gave us 'Ewoks' and 'Jar Jar Binks'.

Star Wars first appeared in the form of a film in 1977. Its sci-fi storyline set within the framework of a western film with Nazi Mysticism was unheard of at the time, and the studio thought it was going to be a box office bomb. Unfortunately, the film became extremely popular, and produced an entire generation of basement dwellers that compulsively masturbated to Princess Leia.

Most of the themes for the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope) came from the Akira Kurosawa classic 'The Hidden Fortress'. In this movie a pair of bickering and self-involved peasants - one short, one tall - accompany a warrior and a princess (who learns humility along the journey) to the safety of her kingdom. The borrowing is most obvious during a sequence in which the two peasants take separate paths only to both be captured by the same enemy, find each other in amongst a horde of prisoners, and then cross paths with the warrior.

Whether the western film influences in Star Wars are surviving elements from The Hidden Fortress (Kurosawa was known for borrowing from western films), or George Lucas' own is really none of your business. Or mine.

The fans of Star Wars aren't as geeky as the Star Trek ones though.