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Storm Tiger

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'Storm Tiger' M-2002
Country Of origin North Korea
Designation Main Battle Tank
Configuration Tracked
Manufacturer: Ryu Kyong-su Tank Industries
Crew: 4
Length 9.53 m
Width 3.78 m
Height 3.22 m
Weight 48.8 t
Speed 60 km/h
Range 370 km
Primary armament 1 x 125mm Gun
Secondary armament 1 x 14.5 mm AA MG
1 x 7.62mm MG
8 Smoke Grenade Launchers
Power plant 1000 BHP
Night Yes

The Storm Tiger

(in Korean P'okp'ung-ho )

Despite having a low-range, lower speed and being 'underweight' compared to most modern MBT's, the Crackpot Kim Jong-Il believes that the 'Storm Tiger' tank is ideal for supporting its Army when crushing South Korea and their ROTEM K2 tanks.

It's believed that North Korea starting designing the M-2002 when they saw the Iraqi's T-72's being crushed by American M1 Abrams in their dozens. The tank features heavily close to the South Korean border, where they're placed, (probably in their hundreds), to destroy any U.S backed offensive from Seoul. Okay, that bit might be propoganda.

  • Apparently named for the noise of bits falling off it.