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Suez 1956 was the biggest fuck up in recent times.

Basically the Egyptians nationalised the Suez canal to help with building the Aswan damn on the Nile.

This didn't suit the British and French, because they had major Shares in the Canal. So they invaded Egypt, and were very sucessful.....ish. The Israelis not wanting to be left out of a good punch-up joined in as well and captured the Gaza Strip and the Sinai peninsular.

France and Britain then offered to reoccupy the area as a "peacekeeping force", this was refused by Nasser giving the Partners the pretext to invade and drop paratroops and landing troops all along the Suez in Operation MUSKETEER.

They dropped paras into Egypt and then landed Troops from the sea, along with massive bombardment from air and sea (we had battleships at the time). The Invasion was massively succesful from a military point of view and most objectives were achieved within days.

Now, the Yanks (and more importantly perhaps the USSR) were very pissed off at the French and British and so put a carrier in the vicinity (but whether Eisenhower would have risked NATO is another matter) and threatened to attack the Franco-British Coalition if they didn't pull out (By attack means with the heavy financial influence the US had over Britain and the devastating threat of a devaluation of the pound).

So the Politicians pulled the forces out, with tails between their legs. The PM resigned, British shopkeepers refused to serve US personnel stationed in the UK and Egypt kept the Canal.

Ironically the US did exactly the same thing in Panama and got away with it. They've always had double standards. cnuts.

The only war lost by Britain since the American war of Independance, not by the Military, but by politicians. Politicians are cnuts. (no arguement here!)