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Sultan Fv105
Function Tracked Command Vehicle
Crew 3
Weight 8.346 tonnes
Height 2.56m
road speed 80kph
Engine Cummins BTA 5.9 litre (diesel)
Power 190bhp
Range 644km?
Primary Armament 7.62 mm MG (3000rnds)

FV 105 Sultan

A member of the CVR(T) family. The Sultan is the Command and Control variant and came into service in 1972. The Sultan is used as a Headquarters vehicle in armoured and armoured reconnaissance formations, and surprisingly enough, could be found in Army Air Corps Sqns.

Although based on a standard chassis, it has a higher roof (similar to the Samaritan) than standard providing a more comfortable "office space" inside. The back of the vehicle is designed to be extended by an attached tent to form a briefing area and somewhere dry to have a brew when not boldly leading.


A guy with the largest car collection in the world, the world's second richest man, unless you count that Ikea guy. The Sultan has over 200 Rolls-Royces.