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McMillan TAC-50
Country Of Origin USA
In Service 2000 - Present
Used By Canada
Wars Afghan Campaign
Effective Range 2,000m
Maximum Range 2,250m
Weight 26lbs
Length 57.1 Inches
Cartridge 50. BMG

The McMillan Tac-50 sniper rifle is produced in the United States by the McMillan Brothers Rifle Company. This long-range anti-material/anti-personnel weapon.

Longest Distance Kill

A Canadian sniper in Afghanistan made the longest recorded kill in history with this weapon.

On a March afternoon in 2002, Corporal Rob Furlong of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry killed an enemy combatant from 2,430 meters. It is the longest-ever recorded kill by a sniper in combat, surpassing the mark of 2,250 meters set by legendary US Sniper Carlos Hathcock.

Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase reach out and touch somebody.