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TA Recruit Selection

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The weekend is held at the Army Development & Selection Centre (Glencorse) on ……………………. This is a weekend intake. The purpose of your visit is to allow the Territorial Army (TA) to take a closer look at you to confirm your eligibility and suitability for the TA.


During your stay at ADSC GLENCORSE, your parents/family/next of kin can contact you in an EMERGENCY by telephone on 0131 310 3348. They should understand that, because of the size of the Barracks, you may not be immediately available and that they should be prepared to leave a message or contact number.

THE SELECTION PROGRAMME The programme is designed to give you an insight into life in the TA. The selection programme is demanding and challenging but also rewarding and enjoyable. It consists of:

  • Medical. You will undergo a thorough medical before you undergo any tests or assessments at the selection centre.
  • Physical Condition. If you have incurred an injury, have an ailment, or feel unwell and are not 100% physically fit prior to attending selection you are strongly advised not to attend as you may not be capable of completing the physical tests and will have to return for a further visit.
  • Eyesight. In order to accurately assess uncorrected vision, candidates are to remove and not use their contact lenses for the following period prior to attending ADSC for medical assessment: Soft contact lenses (including disposable): 48hours. Hard contact lenses: 10 days.
  • Physical Tests. You will complete a number of best effort gymnasium tests which will be demonstrated before you take them. You will also complete a best effort 1 ½ mile run which we are aiming for you to complete in 14 minutes or under.
  • Team Activities. You will complete a series of tasks which will be scored according to your performance. Prior to each task you will be thoroughly briefed on what is expected of you. This is an opportunity for you to impress the Selection Centre Staff with your determination, motivation and commitment to join the TA. They are also fun! The tasks include:
  • An Ice Breaker in which you will be asked to say a little about yourself in front of a group.
  • Leaderless Tasks where you will be asked, as part of a team, to complete a practical outdoor task.
  • Briefings. During your time at the Selection Centre various people will talk to you about life in the TA, Recruit Training and your conditions of service as a recruit and the sort of physical preparation you need to do before starting.
  • Interview. At the end of the day and a half you will have a short interview with an officer, who will debrief you on your performance and discuss any issues with you.


The Selection Centre is located at Glencorse, near Penicuik (7 miles from Edinburgh).

Your unit will arrange your travel to the selection centre and issue you with all the necessary details and timings to ensure you arrive at the required time. Travel by personal car should be cleared through your unit. Make sure you arrive on Friday evening between 2100hrs and 2300hrs at ADSC(G). Late arrival could prejudice your chance of selection.

If you have any problems while on your journey do not hesitate to ring the Selection Centre on the following number: 0131 310 3322.


The selection process lasts 1.5 days. Refreshments and meals will be available. You should bring sufficient money for your own expenses on the journey and for refreshments you may wish to buy at the centre. All main meals are free of charge . Pay phones are available to applicants for outgoing calls.

CLOTHING AND EQUIPMENT You will be issued overalls and protective headgear for activities, but you should bring the following:

•Shorts, T-shirt (short sleeved), training shoes and tracksuit or similar item for the physical tests. Females are advised to bring a sports bra. Some activities are extremely muddy and you are strongly advised not to bring expensive/designer trainers. A water bottle or water container (preferably the sports type) will be required for hydration during physical activities. A warm waterproof jacket is advisable

•As secure storage space at the Selection Centre is limited you are advised not to bring valuables or more cash than necessary to sustain you throughout the selection period. You should be aware that mobile phones are not to be used within buildings at the Selection Centre.


There are a number of female issues:

Females chaperones. If you attend a weekend selection a female member of the military staff will act as a full time chaperone in the accommodation.

Female only intakes. If you attend a weekday selection, this will be a female only intake.


If you are successful you will be offered a place in your unit as a recruit. You will return to your unit to join the TA (known as attestation). You will then be given a date on which you can begin your recruit training. You should attend your unit on the next drill night or weekend after leaving the Selection Centre.

If you are not successful you will be told the reasons why. If you are eligible to try again you will be advised as to what actions you should take to give you the best chance of success.

You should be aware that basic training for the TA is physically demanding. If you are successfully selected you should note that you place yourself at risk if you were to start training with an injury or condition which may affect your ability to meet the physical demands places on you. Examples of injuries and conditions are breaks, strains and lung or heart problems. In particular the basic TA training you will receive has been assessed to contain aspects which may cause harm to pregnant females or her unborn baby. If you know yourself to be at risk or pregnant, or believe there may be a possibility that you may be, please notify your Selection Centre or unit before the course start date. Should you become pregnant before starting training you should notify your parent unit as soon as possible. Your case will be assessed and discussed with you. In the event it is judged too risky for you to start training you will be offered advice about the possibility and timeframe of an alternative start date.