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T boats

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Who forgot to pack the de-icer?

'Trafalgar' class attack submarine; an evolutionary development of the 'Swiftsure' class. The main change being a whizbang waterjet drive instead of a propellor.

Carries Spearfish torpedos, which are hopefully better than the Tigerfish they replaced.

The Trafalgar class have suffered from a number of scary cock ups:

  • In 1998 Trenchant leaked steam requiring the nuclear reactor to be unplugged.
  • In 2000 cracks were found in reactor cooling pipes on Tireless who had to limp to Gib.
  • In August 2000 with Tireless still at Gibraltar, Torbay, Turbulent, Trenchant and Talent were at Devonport for refit/repair and Trafalgar undergoing sea trials, only one boat - Triumph - was fully operational. Allegedly by 2005 refits had corrected these problems but the MoD do have "truth, telling of" issues so there may still be problems.
  • In 2007, an explosion on Tireless resulted in the death of two matelots and injury of another.