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In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a wiki table like example shown below. You will also learn how to add to existing tables such as this article (American / English dictionary).


Word American Equivalent Definition What Spams use our word for
Air marshal Lieutenant General A senior Royal Air Force officer Undercover plod on an US commercial aircraft
Alloys Rims Makes the wheels on your car look nice Two or more elements, at least one of which is a metal,
Alright mate Wasssssssss'up Tribal greetings "are you ok?"
Arse Ass Your shitter "oh my god are you British?"
Ass Donkey A horse like animal with a mind of its own Twice the size of your shitter

making a table

Follow these instructions step by step and learn how to make a table for your wiki page

Step one:

to make a tbale we first need to tell wiki that we are going to make a table by using the following code:

{| border="1" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0"

This code is the start of our table coding.

Step two:

we need to make the head of the table (the grey bit in the example), we do this by using the code below:

! width=25% style="background:#efefef;"|'''column one'''

! width=25% style="background:#efefef;"|'''colimn two'''

! width=25% style="background:#efefef;"|'''column three'''

! width=25% style="background:#efefef;"|'''column four'''

(1)width=25% is how much % of the total width of the table that column will take up, if you put 50% then half the table will jsut one column (its good to know how to divide by 100.) So, when making your table edit the % value to change the size each collumn, the total off all collumn need to add up to 100

(2) the last bit of the code is the column title, in the code above i have called them collumn one, collumn two etc.

An extra point to make is that the #efefef is the RGB Color Values for grey e.g. the code for RED is #FF0000

Step three:

Now it is time to add the rows and content of the table, we do this by using the following code:

|- valign="top"

|column one content

|column two content

|column three content

|column four content

You need to make sure that for each row you add that WHOLE code. this is because the top line reads |- valign="top" this tells wiki that we want to make another row.

you also use this step to add to a table, but make sure that you have the right number of collumn's in your code, each column is started on a NEW line with a | .

Step four:

This step is where we finish off the table coding, we put this code at the bottom of the table. if you do not put this code at the bottom what ever you type after the table, wiki will try and fit it in the bottom-left cell on the table and look a mess. the code is:


it may look small and unimportant but is the most important line in ANY wiki code. it tells wiki "we have finished now". and will type as normal

Step five

The last step of them all is easy. But, first we need to make sure that our code is tidy, in this I mean no lines between the codes.Now, press the "Show preview" buttom at the bottom of the edit page. when you do your table should look like this:

column one colimn two column three column four
column one content column two content column three content column four content
column one content column two content column three content column four content
column one content column two content column three content column four content