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God this is a shit page. Proximo 18:08, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

article placed here in case someone wants it ...

I was absolutely disgusted to read that my former regiment (9th/12th Royal Lancers) was being referred to as "three quarter prancers". This is an insult and outrageous as we are actually called the "Three Quarter DONKEY-WALLOPERS"!!!!!!! If this is not changed pretty damn soon my son, then i will be obliged to hunt and track you down and explain and demonstrate to you first hand why we are the DONKEY-WALLOPERS when i wallop you with a fuckin donkey, sonny boy. Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Grumpy of the .75 Heavy Underwater Artillery..... (seriously; fine regiment - remember when they burnt a CVR(T) down to an aluminium puddle on Hohne ranges...nearly crashed the Gazelle, I was laughing so hard)

Everything you need to know about the line cavalry can be found in Lord Anglesey's eight-volume tome.

Having read it, I would summarise by saying that there will always be a place for the horse on the modern battlefield (probably in the Range Stew); you will find the retort pouch in Menu D is full of it.

--Rabid Hams 20:03, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

  • Nice one Rabid. What started this all off was when I realised we didn't have a 'Blues & Royals' page - or one for the 'Life Guards'. I then visited the Cat and oh my god... Proximo 21:17, 19 December 2007 (UTC)

We , the (ex in my case) diggers of 2 Cav Regt RAAC ( we had a (in)famous -i.e. it got media attention not anticipated by the public relations people ;-) - North Star/Southern Cross exchange with the Blues and Royals circa 1990) used to insist that "The role of the Cavalry is to add colour, dash and daring to what would otherwise be a mindless shitfight amongst grunts". I am sure you Brits have your own similar unoffical Cav role, but I though I'd share ours with you. Be curious to hear yours if you have one - and I assume you do. Hanging shit on grunts seems to be common hobby amongst cav that seems to cross cultural barriers. Even the yanks do it! Cheers.