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OOTS may doubt whether officers have ever injured anyone but themselves with pistols: I can assure him they have. I know of one officer from our own beloved Corps who managed a confirmed wounding in NI. Unfortunately it was another Brit in an office in Lisburn but it is undeniable that the shooter harmed nothing about himself other than his career...

Besides laughing myself silly over both the article and the above comment, you both have caused a great deal of concern on this side of the Pond. Not only did I just buy a Nancy Boy cartridge firing revolver, but everything I have read tells me that I may have bought the Edsel of handguns. Thank goodness I have the 45ACP just in case. I must admit, though, that compared to most WWII handguns, I like the fit and feel of the Enfield. The trigger is not at all bad. Its a 1941 1*. Seems it was built in three main metal pieces, one of which has turned a nasty patina. But, all in all, a testament to a quality built gun - cartridge notwithstanding. Not sure as to why, but the Webleys and the Enfields are all the rage here in the States. We seemingly can't shake the homeland. All the best.

I also had an Enfield No. 2 and it was a superbly made revolver - just like the Webleys - but you have to ask why they chose such a wanky cartridge for it.