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Talk:Not Without My Boathouse

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Ah, you have used the force wisely young Stoat - and it's a passable attempt. I fear, however, it will become the Never Say Never Again non-Bond equivalent of the action novel genre - i.e. an unsanctioned cash-in on an established brand. The ginger son. The mong child.

'Brand Clunge' is a global phenomenon. His rip-roaring actioners have a legion of loyal fans who eagerly await each new work with almost diseased passion. Even the great man himself acknowledges the quality of Clunge's works - and is rumoured to have been inspired by more than just one.

Clunge, however, is a very busy man indeed. Still 'on the circuit' meeting publishing deadlines is becoming increasingly difficult - despite heading his very own publishing empire - so some 'outsourcing' has been considered. Prospective authors are invited to submit examples of their work to the following address:

Clunge Publishing Ltd

The Goebbles

Miffins Bridge


NR56 8CP