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Let me start again (the previous versions are in the history tab if anyone want to get them out)

Hi Spiffy

Thanks for your contribution to the ARRSEpedia about the Ruger company.

Do you mind if I/we make a couple of suggestions for future articles?

If you create the article from the "Wanted Pages" list, it saves it being an Orphan page. I guess this is what you did, so no problems there.

If you create a page from scratch, it helps if you can link to it from somewhere else, which again keeps it off the Orphan pages list.

If you can add a link into your article that takes us to another page, it stops it becoming a Dead End page. The format to link out is Ruger, but you'll need to edit this page to see how it's done if you haven't picked that up already.

It's always worth having a quick search if you're putting links in to make sure that you have capitalisation and spelling the same as the page you want to link to. That's not to say the page is spelled correctly of course.

Please add a category. It makes finding your pages simpler, and will hopefully make sure people see the work you have done.

You can find a list of categories here.

The ARRSEpedia pedants among us (including me) suggest that whoelsale cut & paste is not the way forward. I tend to link to the other pages. Other folk distill what is written and phrase it themselves.

To quote Stoatman on this topic now, reference Ruger, have you used any of their products? Do you know anything interesting/ little-known about the products or the company? If so, use that as a basis.

If you are creating an article that you wish other folk to add to, you might like to use the template for a

pr_stub.gif This article is a stub. You can help ARRSEpedia by expanding it.
Simply click Edit in the toolbar above and crack on!
Editing help is available.

If it's a work in progress, some folk add a little note at the bottom to say as much. Then other contributors know you'll be along shortly to finish it off.

Finally, it's always worth using the Show Preview option to check your links are working. They usually fail because the capitalisation or spelling of the link doesn't quite match a pre-existing page. This is true of categories as well as normal links.

Kind regards