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Welcome to RumRation’s talk Page. If you would like to add any social comments or suggestions, please leave them on this talk page. Please use new messages on all new entries. Also, note that we might reply on this page, or we might reply on your own talk page. If you have a preference for where we reply, please let us know. You might get a faster response by Pm'ing me, since it isn't always easy to keep up with conversations on a wiki. Please leave your tags and time stamp - it will help us keep track of what's going on! Thanks!


If you need any help, Wiki wise with RumRation or RN then please post a comment here. Bad_CO is the man to see about the Wiki, how ever I am able to pass the message on for you. I will be able to help with any RN issues within the wiki that you would like to comment on. If you would like any further assistance, then please visit here and one of the MODS or members will be able to help. A 15:51pm, 4th May 2006 (GMT +2)