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BCO / Mods - I know this may seem a bit harsh, but this bloke is filling the wiki with utterley useless shite. It destroys the humour and utility of the ARRSEpedia IMHO, and needs to be brought under control. I'm trying to help him, as have most of us, produce something worth having, but he's ignoring the advice.

I can't see any option now but to make it most plain to him that he's a throbber. It will either embarrass him into improving his postings, or maybe the carers at the institution will read this and take his PC away from him. If he behaves, maybe he can have some crayons again? And some of those round-ended scissors so he doesn't hurt himself.

An interesting problem and not something we've come across on the wiki before. My suggestion though might be to create a category for his posts. That way they are easy to track and people can improve them in due course? -- Bad CO 12:47, 26 May 2007 (BST)