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Tennents Super

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Tennents Super

Oh, ma heid!

Also known as the Purple Tin. Usually found in the dead frozen hands of a Tramp and being drunk by a Chav, a Jakey or a Ned in front of their local corner shop or in the local playground in the evening.

A high quality alchoholic beverage, far superior to Wifebeater in all but taste, alchoholic content (OK, maybe not ABV, but who buys by that??) and image. Usually means that the Tramp, Chavs, Jakeys or Neds have either begged, borrowed or stolen the means to buy it.

At one stage the tipple of choice for the discerning Harold Ramp due to it's massive 9% ABV, it has now somewhat fallen from grace, in favour of White Lightning. Nevertheless, it retains its uncanny ability to stupefy after just half a can.

See also Beer, Liver Burster.