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2nd largest state in the United States of America containing 21 million citizens ... and a very large number of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

State capital is Austin. The state dish is chilli con carne (served as hot as you can take it - there are shops that sell nothing but chillis)

Has two football teams (that's american football not soccer) - a good one and a bad one. The good one is the Dallas Cowboys, a 5 time winner/8 time contender for the Superbowl. The bad one is the Houston Texans.

George W Bush was state governor (January 17, 1995 - December 21, 2000)

They have a very relaxed attitude to firearms. I was at a computer show in Dallas in 97. Came out of the conference centre and thought I had walked into an armed uprising - fcukers everywhere with Stoner rifles, scoped rifles, M16's (semi-automatic civilian version I think) and 4 nutters with muskets/Springfield rifles. It was a gun show but that didn't fix my dampened underwear. Carrying weapons openly is fine, having a concealed weapon gets you a $50 dollar fine!!!!

They have an equally relaxed attitude to alcohol. If you are drunk and awake in any other state in America, they call you a cab assuming you can tell the driver where you live. In Texas if you are drunk and awake they call you the designated driver.