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220px-Times_front_page%2C_24_September_2012.jpeg "A complete dereliction of duty" - Theresa May, 2014


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The term Thackerism refers to the Rotherham child sex scandal cover-ups and the malfeasance-in-office leadership-style of disgraced Joyce Thacker, Common Purpose 'graduate' and former Director of Children and Young People's Services in Labour-controlled Rotherham. Thacker was in office during the systematic, violent sexual abuse and trafficking (CSE) of "1700-2000" Rotherham children, and more of the same in a dozen British towns. Ignorant proponents of Thackerism and "institutionalised political correctness" are called Thackerites: a "disgrace to the public service" (Home Affairs Select Committee).

The Times printed an editorial about "a conspiracy of silence" on UK sex gangs, in 2011. Discussing a "conspiracy of silence": observers and commissioners have accused like-minded officials and collaborators - culpable in the "greatest child abuse scandal in British history" - of political correctness and harmful ideology; of cowardice and of delinquent "cultural sensitivity towards Muslims" (Pearson, A., 27 Aug 2014). There was a common purpose of "not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat" (Forbes, 2014; BBC clips 2014 & Daily Telegraph, August 2014). Home Secretary Theresa May condemned this turning a blind eye to "industrial scale child sexual exploitation" as "a complete dereliction of duty".

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