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The Big "G"

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Big tall bloke with a beard. Likes to sit in heaven with braless angels, but doesn't like it if you start doing the do before you're married. Some people might call him a hypocrite. Those people will no doubt die in a freak accident.

He used to be quite with it, polygomy was perfectly normal, and so was being circumsised, so there were good and bad points. Then his 'Son' came along and told everybody that you're not allowed to have more than one wife, but on the plus side he said it's ok to keep your foreskin.

Many religious wars are started by one sect (or flavour) of a religion saying to another 'my gods harder than your god'. Whats bizarre is that its usually the same god that they are arguing about! Even the Muslim Allah isn't that far away from the Jewish or even the Christian god. Frankly they all deserve a good shoeing.

See God

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