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The Four Blessed Menus

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Before compo went all user-friendly, vegetarian and multicultural, there were but four menus: A, B, C and, unsurprisingly, D.

These were not for the faint-hearted. Vegetarian? Fuck you; they were all meat. Muslim or Jew? Ha, fuck you! Bacon Grill, Compo Sausage or Baconburgers for every breakfast. Vitamins? Fuck off pussy, who needs 'em?

The four menus were:

Beef and Onion

Babies Heads

Chicken Curry

Chicken Supreme

Amongst the top treats that came with these were Macedoine - a slurry of bits of things which had once been vegetables, Biscuits AB, Iranian Mars Bars, Rolos, Boilies, Dextrose Tablets, Rolled Oats and Oatmeal Blocks. Ah, those were the days!