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The Hague

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Den Haag, or s'Gravenhage

Political centre of The Netherlands, although the capital city is Amsterdam.

Has a smaller and more civilised Red Light District than Amsterdam, apparently.

Among other institutions, it's the home of the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

As you might expect in a place full of high-priced lawyers, there are plenty of restaurants & bars. As you might also expect in a place full of high-priced lawyers, it's pretty dull.

They have a book museum and a model village called Madurodam. Nice if you have kids and need to occupy them for a bit by showing them 1/25th models of Amsterdam's Cheese District.

This Wiki article will give you all the geographical and political stuff you want.

Future home of the Right Honourable Tony Blair at least while the trial is ongoing ... I hope! The Hague is, or was the place of residence of such celebrities of Mladic, Karadic, Kony, and many others from the Balkans and West Africa. They are mostly entertained in a prison in Scheveningen.

There is a small-but-active ARRSE coven in The Hague. It tends to meet up in some innocuous Indian restaurants that serve beer in pints and molten lava.