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The Jersey Field Squadron RE (M)

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The Jersey Field Squadron RE

Under Future Army Structures (FAS) the only remaining militia unit based in the UK (but not on English or Welsh soil) was taken under command of R MON RE (M) in April 2007 when the Jersey Island Field Squadron [1] [2] moved to operational control of the Regiment. With an increase of establishment of approximately 146 personnel, the unit has grown in size and area of responsibility since April 2007.

The unit can trace its origins back to 1337 when Edward III ordered the raising of a local force to defend the Island (mainly against the French). Unlike most militia, Jersey's front-line position meant it saw much active service including during the Hundred Years War (against the French, Spanish and even Scots), the Wars of the Roses (in which is supported the Yorkists against a Lancastrian-backed French army, and then against the Tudors) and the English Civil War (initially against the Royalists and then in support of them). The Jersey Militia's most famous engagement was during the American War of Independence in 1781 when the French, then Septic allies, made a sneaky attack out of season and received a right shoeing in return, known as The Battle of Jersey. The militia got its first battle honour (and the 'Royal' prefix) for this. The second was acquired when a company served overseas with (for some reason) the Royal Irish Rifles during the First World War. It was disbanded in 1953 and reformed in 1987 as the Jersey Field Squadron (The Royal Militia of the Island of Jersey), but despite this 34 year gap it was allowed to retain its battle honours, but not any sort of seniority.