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The Quote Button

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The Quote button on ARRSE is a tool that provides a means to allow bright, sharp and witty people with extremely valid, pertinent and credible views the opportunity to fuck up contribute to a webpage in double-quick time.

For best effect, the button is best used to emphasise (my italics) one's point of view and for bonus points, writing in bold (my bold) should also be employed wherever possible, preferably within the quoted text (my both).

Experienced users will be observed employing the 'Quote' button prodigiously to quote and requote previous posts during the cause of a slagging match heated debate, allowing the throngs of interested readers to share in the ebb and flow of the discussion. As an added extra, the page count of the thread rapidly increases in direct proportion to the egos of the posters, and the critical importance of the subject under discussion.

However, it is not permitted - under any circumstances - to quote poetry. Ever. Regardless of how much sorrow you feel for someone you've never met.