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The Royal Gloucestershire Hussars

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A nice little TA cavalry unit based in (you guessed it!) Gloucestershire.

Originally knocked up by a bloke called Powell Snell to fight Napoleon and grew to be a collection of quite a few troops from all over Gloucestershire. In 1827 the government decided that they no longer needed all these upper-class, hard-drinking and downright dangerous blokes on horses and so disbanded the whole yeomanry.

Three years later, they decided that actually they did and brought them all back. A few years later all the troop commanders got together and merged their troops into one unit called the Gloucestershire Yeomanry Cavalry. A company of these shipped out in 1900 to the Boer War. During the Great War they fought at Gallipolli and then spent quite a while giving Johnny Turk a thrashing as part of the Imperial Mounted Division. In the Second World War they were conclusively blown to peices while assisting with OP CRUSADER, to such an extent that the War Office refused to buy them any more kit and disbanded 2 RGH after they came begging for the third time. After the war was reduced to a grand total of seven members, now forming a Sqn of the Royal Wessex Yeomanry and replacing blokes in Challenger 2s whenever they get a runny nose. Still closely linked with the King's Royal Hussars, mostly by the cowpat that they both have to wear on their heads.

Due to being very good at getting killed, they have a fairly impressive set of battle honours although none since 1942, which shows they're probably learning something.

Parent unit to one of the few state-school (and one of the only half-decent) Combined Cadet Force units at Pate's Grammar School in Cheltenham.

The source of a great deal of confusion to anyone meeting their members in uniform for the first time is that their lance jacks wear two chevrons and their corporals get a little crown above the usual rank slide. Apparently, back in Queen Victoria's day cavalry wore a rather fetching red cloak over their left shoulder, and so the Lance Corporals of the regiment took the chevron off that shoulder and added it to the other, making them look like corporals. Queen Vic was not amused and so gave the real corporals a little crown to put above their ranks, thereby putting the upstart lance jacks in their place.