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The Royal Yeomanry

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The Royal Yeomanry (RY) was formed on 1 April 1967 following the amalgamation of five distinguished old county Yeomanry Regiments, with the Regimental Headquarters based in Central London. Originally employed as a medium reconnaissance regiment, their role changed in in the 1990s to providing both main battle tank crews as well as soldiers for the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Regiment . In January 2003 members of the Regiment formed a composite Squadron and were deployed for operations in Iraq under command of the Joint NBC Regiment. This marked the first mobilisation of a TA unit since the Suez conflict.

The Present

The Royal Yeomanry provides Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) reconnaissance and detection. We also operate in other roles, in particular as dismounted infantry on peace support operations.

As well as carrying out our CBRN training, we practise crew skills in navigation, tactical movement and communication using Land Rover scout cars. A lot of our training time is spent on dismounted infantry work, as well. The Royal Yeomanry also develops leadership skills and an adventurous spirit by conducting a wide variety of expeditions and sports.

The Royal Yeomanry maintains a presence throughout England, with squadrons in London, Croydon, Leicester, Nottingham, and Swindon. Each squadron consists of about 90 Territorial Army soldiers and officers, plus a small number of regular Army permanent staff. Our Regimental Band is also based in London.

The Future

Under the new Army structure, the role of the Royal Yeomanry is to support the Formation Recconnaissance Regiments and the Joint CBRN Regiment on operations by providing skilled CBRN Recce soldiers. In particular, we will follow the move made by the Joint CBRN Regiment towards working with the air assault infantry and the commandos.

Our specialist role means that as well as supporting the regular Army abroad we will have vital part to play as part of a response to terrorist attack or emergency within the United Kingdom.

At no time since the Second World War has the Royal Yeomanry played such an important part in protecting Britain’s security. Its place at the heart of this effort provides a rewarding and challenging experience for every member of the regiment.

The Squadrons


A (Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry) Squadron - SWINDON

B (Leicestershire & Derbyshire Yeomanry) Squadron - LEICESTER

C (Kent & Sharpshooters Yeomanry) Squadron - CROYDON

S (The Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry) Squadron - NOTTINGHAM

W (Westminster Dragoons) Squadron - LONDON

The Inns of Court and City Yeomanry Band of the Royal Yeomanry - LONDON

Official Party Line

Royal Yeomanry Website