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The TA Intelligence Corps

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The TA Int Corps is possibly better integrated with the regulars than any other unit. Consequently members display all of the bizarre personality traits expected from someone with the capbadge.

TA soldiers have been deploying on operations since ... well, forever. From Corporate to Granby, the Balkans to Veritas and all flavours of Telic the TA have been a part of the landscape in Int Cells all over the globe. Mobilisation does however adversely affect the TA soldiers career as they miss out on promotion courses and face time with the hierarchy while doing a useful job.

The Intelligence Corps Reserve (we are reserve now aren't we?) is set to split again into 4 Batallions, each consisting of 4 TA soldiers and a regular Lt Col, RSM, Adj, Trg Maj and 84 FTRS posts.

3 MI. Centered in London. Contains better looking women (and boys) than the other Bn's. Believed to melt in contact with rain or hard work. Self inflated opinions of themselves but thankfully no one else cares.

5 MI. Scotland and the NE. Will be unable to operate with any other unit due to translation issues. Suspected to leave male children out to be taken by White Walkers. Inbred. Likely to be the only Bn with any real personality.

6 MI. NW and NI. Will spend all its annual trg budget in travel sending people back and forward across the water. IT and office furniture will be sold on Ebay to fund annual exercise.

7 MI. SW. Mostly underwater.

There are also a small number of ex-regulars in 5 Comms Coy (V). They are currently trying very hard not to be noticed in case they get attached to the MI Bn and lose their independent status.