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The Times

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Keeping abreast of The Times

'The Thunderer'. A 'quality' newspaper which (as Jim Hacker said) is 'read by people who actually do run the country'. Originally a broadsheet, it shrank down to tabloid size to encourage women and young people to read it without having to fight the thing.

Politically is sits in the middle ground with a slight rightward list. In 2005, a MORI poll suggested The Times' readership was split 40% for the Conservative Party, 29% for the Liberal Democrats, 26% for Labour.

The Times was founded in 1785 and originally was a cross between The Sun and the Financial Times. By the mid- 1800s it was THE newspaper for Victorians to peruse over their tea and crumpets. After some ups and downs of circulation, it was bought by Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation in 1981 becoming The Sun for thinking people.

While The Sun can get away with rabble rousing and knee jerk reaction, The Times needs to be more measured in its editorials and coverage. That's not to say they are any less manipulative... its just can't get away with inciting lynch mobs for paedophiles, although it doesn't need to, since most readers are in favour of capital punishment for everything from murder and rape down to wearing Burberry.