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A government instructed by God.

In actuality a government controlled by a bunch of religious nutters who use some work of fiction to make people do what they want them to do (no matter how stupid, bizarre or sick) usually under threat of unpleasantness, pain or death.

These nations dont declare war ... they declare HOLY WAR. Often irrational, unwilling to negotiate and dont give a flying fork for international law.

Examples of a theocracy would be

  • Iran (islam), nuff said I think
  • Afghanistan under the Taliban
  • arguably USA (fundamentalist christian), i.e. stem cell research deep sixed (absolute myth, the only prohibition is on federal funding of stem cell research) and abortions about to go the same way (says who?). However, the USA tends to take its separation of church and state thing terribly seriously, unlike Great Britain (the Queen being the head of the Church of England, and many bishops having seats in the Lords).
  • occasionally Israel (due to proportional representation the ultra religious groups in the Knesset can hold casting votes i.e. EL AL cant fly on a saturday due to their influence)
  • UK (when Tony Blair has acted unilaterally, in good faith, guided by his 'conscience').