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Internet forum very similar to Arrse except for the following:-

U75'ers rarely wash. This is because their hair is invariably in dreadlocks. (ie glued up with snot.)

U75'ers regularly discuss how to make mind-bending drugs by randomly mixing larder contents with garage contents and injecting the resultant blend into their eyeballs. This is apparently a 'buzz'.

Politically, U75'ers think TCB is more right wing that the adopted son of Ghengis and Attila. Most were born after 1985 and know fcuk all about Margaret Thatcher, except that she ate children.

U75'ers wear clothes rejected by naked tsunami victims and think they are making a statement (they are, and it's 'I'm a hippy cnut').

Most U75'ers don't work. This is a brave act of individual rebellion to avoid becoming 'tools of the state'. Those that do work, do so in education (brainwashing little minds).

U75'ers only drive 'G' registration Japanese hatchbacks. Nobody knows why. They'd drive Trabants in solidarity with the East German lumpenproletariat, if it wasn't for the 15 year waiting list (which is of course the fault of the evil Capitalist west). And the fact that they're not made any more.

U75'ers believe terrorist organisations that murder children are making valid political points whereas British soldiers that shout at prisoners are 'War Criminals'. This apparently is obvious.

U75'ers believe that Communism is a very successful economic and social policy, (except for all the political prison camps and the economic collapse, which are all, of course, the fault of the evil West) despite the fact that it has never, ever worked anywhere.

U75'ers hate America because it's very existence proves they're wrong about just about everything.

U75'ers think that photos of Saddam are terrible but video footage of prisoners of muslim terrorists having their heads hacked of is OK 'cus it's their culture

U75'ers upset Armourer. This is silly because he is a murdering psychopath. He is, however, more tooled up than all of them put together and will thus win any serious confrontation.

U75'ers upset Agent_Smith. This isn't so silly because he is a nice guy (or maybe just a more friendly murdering psychopath).

U75'ers are cnuts. All of them.

U75 is led by "The Ediot" rumour has it that if you shone a light up the Ediots arse you would see the soles of Fridgemagnet's boots.

U75 has that all time star of the police force Brian Paddick as a user, along with pot bellied pig and agricola

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