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US Navy

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A former US Navy chef; video evidence shows them to be trained to exceptional standards in unarmed combat

Although the US Army and USAF are well known and visible around the world, little is known of the small and secretive US Navy. Reports vary, but the general consensus is that they have built at least one new vessel since the USS Constitution was launched in 1797.

These newer vessels are believed by some to have never left port, with Japanese reports describing some large warships being sunk in their home harbour in Hawaii in Dec. 1941. Assuming these have been replaced in the intervening period this would allow the United States to field a relatively modern fleet of steel-hulled vessels, although unlikely to challenge any of the world's great navies such as the Royal Navy or the French.

Despite the secretive nature of the regime, intelligence has revealed that United States propaganda lists their navy as having over 331,000 active personnel and a staggering 283 ships! This is frankly ludicrous and is regarded by all experienced commentators as deliberate misinformation intended to push other countries into setting their defence budgets at unsustainable levels.

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